Thursday, February 28, 2013


It's definitely time for an update.

Anna and I went up to New England two weeks ago to say goodbye to my "Twin." We have the same birthday~ March 28th. We went to Bible school together in Canada and everyone referred to us as "the twins." Perhaps it was because we are both extremely goofy, love to make people laugh, and can say the silliest of things. I don't know. Other than that, we both have brown hair and brown eyes. And that is it. Needless to say, when friends/family referred to us as "twins" a general look of confusion would cross people's faces.

Anyways, he was always like a big brother to me, but since we both have come back to our respective homes, we haven't kept up at all. *sad face*

Since our time together, he has joined the Army and will officially go to Basic training tomorrow. When his mom sent out a massive email in January telling everyone of his going away party, Anna and I started praying. We both wanted to go to say goodbye, but we weren't sure about having enough money to go or where she would be in her recovery time.

Well, God is so good and she was feeling great AND He provided for us to go. It was wonderful. We flew into Boston on Valentines Day and spent the weekend with him. The best part--we surprised him. Yay! I love surprises!

All in all, I am so thankful for the opportunity to say goodbye. Also, to see many good friends (and meet new ones). God is so good to us.