Wednesday, October 31, 2012

First World Problems Anthem


Today is the first day that I REALLY tried to run in about 2 weeks. That pneumonia really did it in for me during the end of September/beginning of October. Since my running/jogging buddy, Allie, is moving out of the country for about 5 months, today was our last run. *sad face*

I was only able to run a little over a mile. It was incredibly frustrating, but I know it's easier to get back into running after a break than it is to start from scratch. However, it was nice to just walk and talk for a while with her. I'm going to miss her SO much.

Meet "The running club!"
We took this picture a few weeks ago when we, unintentionally, wore the same colored shirt to run.
Haha. :)

Anybody want to be my new running buddy?

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Well folks, after 2.5 weeks of being sick (and incredibly stubborn about not going to the doctor) I officially have Pneumonia.  I gave in and went to the doctor yesterday. *siiiiigh*

It started off as a horrible cough and then turned into more cold-like symptoms--then a more raspy cough.

So--that's why I wasn't able to run very far every time I tried...and why I've been feeling so tired and a bit discouraged.

Our doctor said, " If you were wondering why you felt like you couldn't really get oxygen whenever you ran, it's because you weren't getting oxygen!" aha!

Haha! Thankfully now I don't have to feel guilty about my lack of running endurance, my constant desire for naps, or my general inability to be really motivated lately!

I'm going to take a nap now!