Friday, January 23, 2015

A Young Girl's Prayer

Something the Lord gave me a few days ago. (Edited by Anna )

~ A Simple Request: My Prayer~

Dear Lord of Heaven and Earth,
Grant me Thy special care
For this journey to Heaven 
Is strenuous and hard
And many oppose my journey there.

Grant me Thy loving hands to hold my heart.
Thy voice to lead me on
Thy tender eyes to watch o'er me
As the darkness around slowly turns to dawn.

Grant me courage for every fear,
Strength for every fight
Give me laughter thru streaming tears
And Thy pure light in the midst of darkest night. 

For Onward shall I walk
Though torrential storm and winds prevail,
And overcome the vicious enemy
And overcome each lie he tries to tell.

Til' the day when Thine voice I hear, 
"Come for all things are prepared", 
and joyfully, collect the sheaves
And Fruit I sowed with tender care.

That Day when every knee shall bow,
Out shall ring the thunder of Angels praise,
For Thou art King and King alone
to Thee, my heart, I shall forever raise. 

written by Rachel of  2015