Wednesday, September 4, 2013

old friends

I would like you to meet some of my old friends. Two weeks ago we were reunited. It had been at least three years since all of us were together. 

The only reason we know each other is because we were had two major things in common: we were we loved Jesus AND we were homeschooled. That was around late middle school/early high school age. (Being a homeschooler is hard because you never actually know what grade you are in. haha!) Back then, we were the closest of friends. We knew each other so well...every secret. every pet peeve. all the favorites. you name it. we were as close as close can be. We called ourselves "The Sixta chicks" (a combination of "sistah" and "six" because there was six of us. Corny, I know!) when we first started, but expanded into a group of at least eight or nine over time.

All the memories seem like so long ago, and at the same time, as if no time has passed at all. 

Since those early beginnings, so much has changed. We have traveled to so many places. We have seen hard things. One is married. Two are in serious relationships. One lives overseas. One is starting her own business. Another is a chef. Yet, here we are, together again. It was really special to reconnect after such a long time. We laughed OH so hard at how incredibly...awkward... we all used to be. We remembered how good we were for each other, and how we encouraged one another in the Lord.

I wouldn't have made it through High school & college with these girls. It's pretty special. 

Amazingly enough, most of us are back in the same area again. Out goal is to meet up once a month to reconnect. It's pretty exciting!

Taken on H's iPhone. :) We are missing two girls that night. :(

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  1. I'm so glad! I hope it continues to be a blessing to you!


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