Saturday, March 24, 2012

Rain & Birthdays

My birthday is in 4 days and I am so excited about it! It has been three years since being home for a birthday, and it just makes it all the merrier! Birthdays have always been so special for all of us girls. Mom always fixed whatever we wanted for dinner, and dad normally took me out for lunch on my birthday. Some years we had parties with friends, other years we have had just family time. The little kid inside of me still gets excited when we put streamers up, talk about presents, having friends over, or rainbow sprinkles. (Yes, I have a secret passion for them. Even though they are just dyed sugar particles. hehe...) I will make sure to take some pictures and post them....

To be honest, ever since starting this blog I have had some rough days. My desire to live in the joy of the Lord doesn't mean I accomplish it every day. There are days where I don't FEEL joyful at all. Days where it seems like everything is going wrong, and like the day will never end. But this I know, God is faithful. Even on the days it doesn't seem like it, or feel like it, HE is. :)

A REAL, legitimate update coming soon. :)

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