Saturday, March 31, 2012

Birthday Pictures :)

I didn't get a ton of pictures from all the celebrating this past week. However, here are a few favorites. :)

My actual birthday lunch. This is my place setting. A long, inside family joke.
The girls made me a taco salad. (That night we went out with our Bible study ladies, but I didn't grab a picture!)

Last night Mamara came over for yummy food, presents & cake!:)

The amazing Chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting Nan made for me. :)

Yearly tradition (when I've been home) to have all the candles make a torch. Ha. this year they were trick candles, and I blew them out about 10 times. hahaha...

Yummy cake with vanilla frozen yogurt. mmm...mmm..mmm

God is so good. I am just amazed by His love and faithfulness. Enjoy the rest of this weekend, y'all! :)

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