Monday, April 16, 2012

What's been happening lately...

Lots and LOTS of things going on around here. I believe this week will be the busiest yet, if that's even possible!  hehe...From cleaning and shopping to a women's retreat with our church this weekend, every day is jam packed with activity!

Our family finished our "Experiencing God" Bible study last night. Wow. We thought that by the end of the study we would have more clear direction about what is the next step-- for each of us and as a family. Although there was no "AHA!" moment, per se, there has been opportunities coming at me like crazy. It's very exciting.

Through the past few weeks, we have begun doing weekly evangelism on our local university campus! We call it "GospelOnGrounds." hehehe...  It's very exciting and we have had some great conversations with many students. The only sad thing is that many are closed, even after open discussion and understanding the Gospel-- they don't want to change. Some days it is a battle not to be discouraged, but the Lord helps me to overcome and to remember Galatians 6:9.

Other than that, just praying right now through several opportunities for the Summer! :) I haven't been cooking that much lately as my schedule is so full...but we hope to remedy that sooooon!

Hope that you all are enjoying that beautiful (but very hot) day! Oh, and for those of you with a Kohr Bros. near you, it's 5 cent cone day. Just sayin. :)

Much love and hugs and blessings to all my readers.

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