Thursday, April 26, 2012

Something I found...

This is something I just found in my note section on my Itouch. I wrote it about a month ago while on the ride home from my grandparents and totally forgot about it. Enjoy!

**Spring thoughts**

There is something about the nail polish being out again, and the smell of fresh flowers bursting into bloom everywhere that cheers my heart. Or maybe it's the birds flocking to the feeder and singing to their merry little hearts content; the way the sky is a softer blue now; how the clouds are practically dancing in the sky with glee. All seem to whisper, "Spring is here!" Plans of picnics with lemonade, going for long walks in the sun, putting the winter sweaters away, and beginning to see sun-kissed faces that make me thankful.

Thankful for seasons. Thankful for change. God didn't have to make seasons-- He could've just let everything stay the same. Yet, He didn't. He delights in making beautiful things. Look at the flowers, how they bring forth their blooms. And how the peach trees bring forth their fruit. Spring brings hope. Spring brings the knowledge of something NEW...something different.

In my mind, it is perfectly fitting for us to celebrate Easter in the Spring. The way the flowers bring forth their fresh scent and new look is only a small reflection of what God wants to do in our hearts. Because HE died on the cross and rose again, not only did HE conquer death for all time, but HE also offers us the hope of being made new again.

Spring means something new. Spring means change.
Jesus makes us new. He is the GREAT change.

He revives our weary spirits, and breathes life into us again. When we surrender our lives to HIM, HE can take our ugly, sin filled hearts and can make them white, and pure (like the Lily).

He delights in making beautiful things.


  1. So thankful for changing seasons - I'd hate for it to be summer all of the time :)

  2. Such a beautiful observation! I like looking at things through the eyes of God. He does wonderful things to the world!


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