Monday, December 17, 2012

Rejoice, Rejoice, Emmanuel shall came to thee...

God has been so good to me.

I just got home Friday night from a two week visit with my dear friends from Canada. They were touring around New England and the Lord provided for a plane ticket to meet them up there! Woah. I was just...blown out of the water (is that an expression?) by His goodness. The way He worked through the details, the timing, every single concert, every single conversation--it was incredible.

My heart was leaping for joy the whole. He brought healing and restoration on so many levels. Once again, I was reminded of the TRUE reason why Christmas brings joy.

It is not the gifts.
It is not the food.
It is not the idea of family being together without drama (which basically is impossible).

It is time with the Prince of Peace Himself. The giver of all joy. Jesus.

My heart is so easily turned to other things, yet nothing satisfies the emptiness, the longings, etc.. like time with my Savior.

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