Monday, February 13, 2012

Polite Traditions

Hello All!

A few weeks ago, during a discussion about homemaking abilities, Nan, myself, and our friend (Mamara) decided to do weekly craft/sewing/tea sessions. I am soooo excited about this, as I feel like my skills are...*ahem*... limited.  We call it "Polite Traditions."

Two weeks ago we went shopping for material to make APRONS. WOOOOT! Here are a few pictures of our progress so far. We were hoping to get them completely done today but, alas, our sewing machines were acting up... and we only have two. So, needless to say, my apron is still in pieces, waiting for me to get started on it. :)


Setting up the patter. Trying to figure it out...hehe...

Being silly as we iron the material!

STEAMing the material-- nice and smoooth. 

Our different color schemes for the aprons.
Upper Left- Nan's (Red, cream, daisy pattern)
Upper Right: Mine (Pink floral, pink gingham, yellow)
Bottom: Mamara's (Black, peachy floral, yellow)

Artsy Sewing Machine.

Wildberry Zinger Tea

Nan hard at work on the apron skirt.

Mamara ironing her apron skirt.

Hopefully we will finish them sometime next week. Other projects: Painting tea cups, mosaics, crocheting....and many more!

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  1. How fun! I really wish I had something like that!


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