Thursday, November 15, 2012


Tonight I am overwhelmed. 

After a week of really struggling, being sick again, my ankle still recovering, thus not being able to run still, and several planned things falling through, God really showed Himself to me today in simple, ordinary things. 

Aimee and I drove into town together today so I could pick up my car from the shop and so she could go to a doctor's appointment. I dropped her off...

First stop: Starbucks--to see my friend, Emily. She works there ALL the time and when Aimee has appointments near there, I go and grab a drink, see Emily, and read my Bible for a bit. I wasn't planning on getting anything because I was going for coffee later in the day with a friend. Em asked if I wanted a   "sample of something"? In my mind sample=small cup. a little amount. way less than a normal beverage. WRONG. Em fixed me a tall peppermint mocha! It was delicious. She's such a dear.

Second stop: The car shop. *groan* Who knows how much it was going to cost me this time. Oil change. check engine light. recall repair. Ayi yie yie. The cashier hands me the receipt with all the repairs. I glance at the total and try not to wince, it's $50 more than my highest estimate. We talk about it a bit and then she says, "Let me check to see if your Owners Advantage program has anything on it still...." She, in shock, turns to me and says, "It is ALL covered. You don't have to pay anything today AND you still will have some left for future repairs!!" *inward sigh of relief*

Third stop: Target. Mom gave me some money and a little list of things we needed--then Charlotte needed a birthday present for dad and Anna wasn't feeling well and asked me to pick up stuff as well. It was a little overwhelming trying to remember everything. I hoped that mom had given me enough for her and Char's things, and then I had a bit of extra cash that could cover Anna's stuff  (and hopefully  the things I wanted to get for dad.) I got to the cash register and mom & charlotte's things were a little over what mom had given me. *uuhhhh* THEN, I opened my wallet and found a $5 that mom had randomly given me last week for something I did not end up getting! It was perfect! Plus, I had just enough for the things Anna and I BOTH needed! Yay!

Fourth stop:  Five Guys. I never get burgers. ever. But I was really craving one today, so I splurged! Because of the way God had provided earlier in the day, I was able to go to lunch with Aimee. We basically never get to go out together! :) *and God has provided the past two weeks for me to do that with her, as well! So cool!*

Fifth stop: Starbucks (on the complete opposite end of town as the other!) My friend, Grace, and I had planned to get coffee together around 2:00 so I could hear the story of her engagement! *yay* Little did we know when planning that it was BOGO drink free from 2-5 pm today! Booya. I was able to get a drink for only $2.00 (we split the price of one) and bring it home to Aimee! ALSO: It was such a peaceful, fun, happy, encouraging conversation that really lifted my spirits. Thanks so much, Grace! :)

**Although these things may seem small, "God is the God of the big and small!:** 

Then Hannah G. texted me the verse of the day:

Psalm 8:4
"When I consider Your heavens, the work of Your fingers, the moon and the stars, which You have ordained; What is man that you take thought of him, and the soon of man that you visit him?"

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