Monday, November 12, 2012

Visit from friends!

A few weeks ago, some dear friends got to come visit for two days while on their way to N.C. :)

This is a picture taken of *A* and myself with them in September, after Joel & Sarah's wedding!

They came in on a Sunday afternoon! Us kids went on a long walk all through the fields in front of our house. Then, inside for some yummy dinner and family reading and discussion time. On Monday we all took a morning walk *glorious*! We worked together to put some food together for a picnic lunch and headed up to Carter's mountain. It was so pleasant and relaxing to just talk and enjoy the beautiful view of the Blue Ridge Mountains! God is so good to us!

We had such a blast with them. Here are some of us up on Carter's Mountain.
*an apple & peach orchard near our home*

Monday night we got to make granola!! Something we have wanted to do together forever!!! Yay! Then we had a bonfire and an awesome time of worship, plus stargazing! It was so sweet and wonderful. (Sadly, I didn't get pictures of either!)

God is the God of the impossible! We never thought they would ever be able to come see us because of distance, money, etc...


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