Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Update: Anna can officially sit and walk normally now! Yay. Thank you, Jesus! This is just wonderful news. We are rejoicing for her today. It's hard to believe that this is the beginning of the end of this trial.

The past few weeks have been crazy!
(they've been filled with...)
I made this with the Muzy app to remind myself of this grand adventure.
(lots of computer time while waiting for Anna to ask me for things)

a little much needed humor one night.
(loads of silliness with my temporary roommate)

(coffee dates with friends who would listen to me and pray for our family.)
Em & Aim made dinner for us one night. It was incredible.
(lots of sweet visits from friends. we are overwhelmed by the love and support we've had through all of this)

Char made this bow for Anna to use when she is better!
(lots of sister bonding time)

We got to celebrate this pretty gal's 21st birthday with shopping and lunch out.
(lots of visits and support from our family!)

Anna is awesome. She was tired of being in bed all the time so she made this cake for our cousin.
(lots of pudding, cornbread, and even a few cakes have been around. Anna's favorites)

I had a new experience and asked for milk at Starbucks.
(lots of pictures from starbucks)

on the way to see family!
(lots of crazy faces. laughter. intense struggles. prayer.)

FINALLY. cold weather.
(lots and lots of weather!)

Have a lovely Wednesday, y'all!

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