Monday, January 16, 2012

Meal planning, laundry, and cleaning!

This might seem random, but then, that's what blogs are for, right?!*ahem*
Anna and I are now each in charge of every other week cooking. (I get a week, she gets a week!) *scary!*This is to help mom out so she can get more things done around the house AND to help us with our cooking skills! Woot. :) Today was the start of my week, let me know what ya think!
Oh, and please feel free to leave links to recipes or recipe ideas in "comments"! I'm sure they will be used in the future!

**This may not be as interesting and abounding in variety as I would like, however, when you have someone with stomach issues and can only have things with NO seasoning, NO butter/oil, & No fat; along with someone who can only REALLY have lean meats and TONS of vegetables, along with someone else who cannot have bread, and, of course, trying to find things everyone would like...*whew* Menu planning can be a LOT more difficult than one might think! :) However, God seemed to lead me as I planned, and each night there are things each person can have. YAY!

Monday: Marinated & baked chicken strips (with Sesame ginger orange marinade), rice, steamed broccoli & fruit salad. CHECK. :)

Tuesday: Homemade Beef Vegetable soup, Homemade bread with butter and/or jam. (Anna is the official bread maker though!)

Wednesday: Meatloaf (I know, SO healthy, right? *sigh*), Mashed potatoes, lima beans, & corn. (AWESOME corn my aunt gave us from her garden that we've frozen!)

Thursday: Either Pesto Chicken or a non-breaded "Chicken Parmesan," Angel-hair pasta, Salad & Green Beans.

Friday: Homemade Pizza (with lots of veggies on it!), Fresh Salad & Sliced Veggies with dip. *our traditional Friday night meal!*

Saturday: Chicken stir-fry (loaded with veggies) & Rice. *Our Aunt L, Uncle E, & Cousin T are coming this weekend for birthday celebrations! Anna is going to make an awesome cake!*

The most important ingredient of all is PRAYER. Seriously, I pray over everything I make. It may seem weird, but then you can give God all the glory-- it definitely helps with that pride issue we all have, and need to be rid of. :)

Blessings Friends,

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