Monday, January 30, 2012

War with the bugs!

I miss this porch in Texas.

Two nights ago, as I was working through my "Experiencing God" Bible study, this statement stood out to me from page 40, "If you are not willing to be faithful in a  little, God cannot give you a larger assignment." It immediately convicted me of my restlessness, my need to go constantly, and how I am always unhappy with the smaller assignments (especially around the house, it seems).  I asked the Lord to make me willing to take whatever HE gives me a good attitude, making me someone HE can trust with larger assignments. Little did I know what I asking....

Last night, we were sitting around for a while after dinner, so my youngest sister decided to run up and take a quick shower. When she came back down, she asked me to wrap her hair up in a towel like she sees us do. :) I said, "Ok, flip your hair over." To my horror, shock and disgust, I say teensy little bugs in her hair. Of course, being the dramatic girl that I am, I let out a slightly horrified, "UGH! There's bugs in her hair!" and stepped away quickly. Suddenly all the memories of all the times different friends had had lice in their hair came running back to me. "Oh no! We're going to have to clean EVERYTHING. And throw all her stuffed animals away. And cut her beautiful long hair."  Yeah, I was running through all the worse case scenarios possible in my brain.  (Like I said, at some points I can be a bit dramatic. Praying about that too!)

Mom rushed over and confirmed it was, indeed, my horror, LICE. ewwwwwwww.

**At that moment, I declared war on those nasty little pests!!** 

NO WAY would they get the better of me. Nan took over combing through Boo's hair, and Aimzy and I went to work.  We ran upstairs and stripped all the beds, and grabbed anything she had touched, sat on, etc... we had bags of things to wash. Then, I grabbed the vacuum and ran that wonderful contraption over every bare floor space possible. Dad said, "It sounds like a tornado up there, is everything ok?"

The whole time I kept thinking, "Thank you Lord for giving me small tasks to be faithful in, so You can trust me with the bigger assignments."

As of right now, we can't find anymore lice in her hair. (Thankfully our friends have a special solution/remedy that we used on her hair.) *phew* I'm glad that's over, but I'm still on the lookout.

Now I am just trying to be prepared for whatever might be next. :)

Have a lovely Monday,

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